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19 years of Innovation

PASSIONATE about automating the Real Estate Industry
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01. Vision

GURU was designed on the concept of total end to end automation, specifically for the Real Estate Industry, which was falling behind the curve in the adoption of technology.

02. Mission

To create ONE seamless, end to end solution that is 100% cloud based and can be customized to a Broker’s unique business rules and constantly changing needs.

03. Service

We understand the level of trust you are investing in us.  The responsibility to fully manage your Back Office is something we do not take lightly. We treat each relationship, regardless of size, as a dedicated partnership.

A Little Bit More About

Our Roots

GURU Enterprise® is the brainchild of a highly successful Real Estate Brokerage and a forward thinking technologist who saw a huge gap between the tools being used and those available with the Internet, which were being adopted by consumers and other industries. They knew the internet would revolutionize the Real Estate industry and had the foresight to bring an Enterprise solution to the market.

Years in the Making

Software Solution for All Your Needs


Cloud Based

The Details

Why We Succeed


The 26 office brokerage was in dire need of ways to reduce redundancies and provide better tools for their agents, staff and clients in order to support their aggressive growth path. The goal was to standardize, automate and cutdown on overhead by automating their procedures and simultaneously providing accurate, real time data to the management and executive teams.

The team that designed the product had decades of experience both in architecting Enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies, and at IBM developing and selling automation products to various industries.


We released the first web based Transaction Management system to ever hit market.  Technology was underutilized in the Real Estate industry and we were on the “bleeding edge” of technology at that time.  We knew it would be a long road to adoption, but that the internet was the way of the future.


In 2003 we delivered the very first Broker Back Office Management tools in the cloud.  This was provided as an additional module to the same application, keeping in line with our Core Concepts and pulling multiple departments together, eliminating several redundancies.

We have since, developed dozens of additional modular enhancements, all on one code, and provided as needed.  This enables an organization the opportunity to eliminate redundancies and provide automation within the company.


Today, much has changed but unfortunately much remains the same. Most brokers automate some of their processes but are still using several solutions that are disjointed or only work for one or two departments.  Defaults and partial automation does not get the job done.

We’ve spent almost two decades building our solutions to create ONE seamless, end to end solution that is 100% in the cloud and can be customized to a Broker’s unique business rules and constantly changing requirements.


“The root of the root, and the bud of the bud”
We know the amount of trust you must place in us to manage your Back Office needs.  Protecting your business and enabling your growth, is our business.  We treat each relationship, large or small, as a true technology partnership. In addition to our helpdesk and support staff, a dedicated account concierge will be assigned to your organization. This person will know all the inner workings of your company and will be available to you any time you have an issue that requires an informed approach to your solution.

All of Our

Core Values

5 Star Customer Service

Your dedicated concierge is committed to your success and you’ll know it.

For Brokers By Brokers

We saw a need in the industry because we are from the industry. Everyone you talk to has a Real Estate background.

Forward Thinking

We are PASSIONATE about automating the Real Estate Industry and have been a leading innovator since 2000.

Ideas that Work

We will analyze your business processes and deliver what we promise.

Solutions that Fit

GURU Enterprise™ is provided in a modular configuration and is fully customized to YOUR Business Rules.

Support When You Need It

No Additional Support Contracts. Available any time you need us.

Extensive Feature Set

Just take a look at all the Add Ons.

DIY Customization

Intuitive interface tools allow you to modify your business rules on the fly.

Plays Well with Others

Keep the products you know and love. We will get in the sandbox with like minded providers.



We have the keys to UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.

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