We offer an Industrial strength Enterprise solution to Brokers of ALL sizes in an easily adoptable, phased approach.

ONE size does not fit all, and it shouldn’t ~ but ONE technology does.
Back Office Guru®

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Back Office GURU®

Back Office GURU® is everything a Brokerage needs to automate their operations through the specialization of their commissions, which in turn gives the Brokers the ability to effectively manage their organizations. It has been referred to as the “Brain of the Company” and the Back Office GURU® solution reduces redundancies, eliminates errors, and increases productivity while generating real time, reliable reports…

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Comprehensive report generators are provided which enable the user to build and save report templates modified to their liking with dozens of parameters, output and subtotal options to choose from. Ranking, productivity, and inventory reporting are all included in this product. We do this through the Application of DIY PAYPLANS®, Build and Save Production Reporting.

What also offer what we believe is too often overlooked as a core component of a Back Office Management solution.  These are the Risk Management and Compliance Tools.   One of the key responsibilities of the BROKER is the reduction of risk through compliance.  New Transaction management platforms are attempting to tie these into what we consider agent tools and are packaging it to the Brokers as somewhat of an afterthought in order to benefit from the “manpower” of the agents collecting the documents and data.  This is good start, but there are several potential risks and inefficiencies the come along with the current offerings which do not push the document to the Brokers back end with this approach.  It also keeps the Broker on multiple applications.  GURU offers the Risk Management and Compliance Tools as a part of Back Office GURU™ which gives full transparency and includes Unlimited Document Hosting.

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DIY PAYPLANS® can be and added to each agent or used as one off calculators. Some of the features available in these tools are editable deductions and defaults, Multi Flat Splits or Multi Level Tiers Payplan %s, Low and Proportional splits, and the ability to use different tier scales for different conditions. Performance tracking based on YOUR performance definition. The tool also automates Performance Resets and supports Rolling plans. Measurement periods can set to based on YOUR business rules.

Design & Build

Advanced Report Generator Tools with Design and Build Interfaces. Save templates and create share groups. Hundreds of Parameters, Output Options and Subtotals to work with. Instead of offering stale Static reporting, the Production Reports Tool provides a comprehensive set of options to build your own report templates and share them within your organization so that everyone is working from the same data, but form their own side of the Beach ball. Report Generation Tool set of powerful tools for report creation, customization, and distribution that make it easy for organizations to give employees access to critical information. Deliver personalized information as operational reports, ad hoc reports, branded invoices, statements, and more.

Advanced Tools

Risk And Compliance Management tools and Document Storage are also a part of the standard functionality of Back Office GURU(™), which provides workflows for the documents with a built in review process, correspondence tracking and Audit Trails. This allows total transparency across the departments, and standardizes review processes which helps safeguard brokers by ensuring that they stay compliant. Proper adoption of this feature set will significantly reduce the Brokers liability and help manage the risk of potential litigation as well as complaints filed against the brokerage. The addition of TransAction GURU(™) can be improved these functions further by incorporating pre-set Document Lists, and Task tracking.

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The decision to change systems, or to take on the task of defining your procedures for the first time can be challenging, and is often overwhelming.  We understand the committment it takes on both sides to make these transitions successful and have the tools and experience to ensure a successful transition.

If you would like a short consultation to discuss your specific needs and growth plans we would be happy to help bring things into focus.  


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