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We offer an Industrial strength Enterprise solution to Brokers of ALL sizes in an easily adoptable, phased approach.

ONE size does not fit all, and it shouldn’t ~ but ONE technology does.
TransAction Guru®

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TransAction GURU®

TransAction GURU® is the Transaction Management or “Workflow” component of the application. Powerful and customizable TransAction Plans can be built at the Macro or Micro levels. Likewise applied to folders which include document checklists, event dates/deadlines, task lists, populating templates and emails…
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These tools allow the users to standardize their processes and to communicate to agents and vendors during the lifecycle of the folder. This is more than your average task list , this tool also offers advanced features like task off of task recalculation, consolidated task lists and task history and audit reporting. External email notifications can be sent through the system as well. Document Generation is also included in this feature.


A Few Available


Customizable ActionPlans.

Documents, Tasks, Events, Templates, Forms, email notifications, Ownership, Visibility Sharing and Timeline rules can all be pre-set with an easy DIY Interface. Task off task Calculations and dependencies.

Controlled Visibility

Access Controlled visibility for all parties including Employees (by roles or name), Staff, Agents, Vendors, Clients and Co-Ops.

Simple Dashboard

Consolidated Task Dashboards with filtering and reassignment.



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